How to Use Research to Help You Determine What is the Next Normal

What trends are being identified, and how to apply this to your business

Now that casinos are reopening in a different business environment due to COVID-19 concerns, one of the biggest challenges is that all the data we collected up to now may not be relevant. So how do we proceed from here? There is no historical data to fall back on; no business patterns that we can use as reference points.

The research that casinos have been doing – satisfaction surveys, brand surveys and even team member engagement surveys – aren’t designed to measure the changes that we’re seeing now and will continue to see. The only way that casinos can make informed decisions in this new landscape is by conducting different types of research to help us understand how to chart the best new path forward.

What changes in consumer behavior is research currently showing?

McKinsey & Company, a leading global research company, has released new data that is tracking consumer sentiments in 42 countries.

Six trends have emerged…

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