Made Simple: How To Drive Incremental Visits with a Better Gifting Program

Meet Made Simple: We provide unique, branded and relevant gifts for your valued guests, while driving incremental visits and saving your  organization time, money and headache.


Do your customers want something different?

We stay ahead of industry trends and have a distinctive brand-centric approach. We provide sought-after products for your continuity programs, your special events, team incentives, and VIP gifts. We even have a culinary artist!

Gifting programs encompass more than just gifts.

We understand that performance metrics, operational challenges, guest satisfaction and revenue deliverables are pivotal in the success of your marketing programs. That is why we embrace a collaborative approach to client servicing and we understand that every client needs a custom solution.

We put in the time to get to know you and your guests and to tailor our programs to your specific needs.

Whether it’s designing unique giveaways, implementing strategic marketing campaigns, or executing experiential activations, we prioritize flexibility, creativity, and attention to detail to deliver memorable experiences and drive meaningful engagement with your players. Trying a new supplier might seem daunting, so let’s jump on the phone and talk about how we will help your marketing programs and take some of the pressure off!

Our family business is committed to fostering authentic partnerships with tribal enterprises.

We take great pride in our dedication to nurturing relationships built upon mutual respect and shared goals, where the economic objectives of tribal entities serve as the cornerstone of our collaboration. Click here to see the many successful partnerships we’ve built in the industry.

Have your orders been delayed from other suppliers?

Made Simple’s supply chain solutions encompass a comprehensive range of services. With warehouses strategically positioned coast to coast and ample stock, we possess a distinct advantage in mitigating unforeseen challenges that may arise overseas. From meticulous mapping and planning to seamless execution through trucking the final mile, our solutions offer simplicity and a full-service approach throughout the entire process. Allow us the opportunity to do the heavy lifting for you and your team.

Let’s meet next month in person or give us a call today!

We are eager to introduce ourselves at the upcoming Casino Marketing and Technology Conference at the Grand Serra Resort in Reno starting July 16. Please stop by our booth to say hello and experience, first-hand, some of our top performing gifts. If you’re not attending or would like to get more information before then, contact us:

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