TG&H Interactive Webinar: How to Unlock the Potential of Your Frontline Organization, to Accelerate the Recovery

Sponsored post by Beekeeper

On the post-pandemic path to recovery, your frontline workforce is the strongest asset to drive your success. As your organization’s ambassadors, they can make or break your guests’ experience, and internally, they can be levers of productivity and cost savings. Or reversely, when associated with high employee turnover, your frontline workforce can become a significant cost and drain on the rest of the organization.

This webinar delves into some of the challenges associated with your frontline workforce today (from difficulties re-hiring to doing more with a leaner team) and how these can be successfully tackled, to give you a competitive edge. Andrada Paraschiv, VP Hospitality with Beekeeper, will lead a discussion around levers that unlock the potential of your frontline employees, such as improving communication, empowering your teams, digitizing internal processes and ultimately becoming an employer of choice. When your frontline teams are successful and engaged, your organization is successful!