Game Design Secrets with Fiona Leung

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In this interview we speak with Fiona Leung, Director of Game Design for Velvix. She explains the secret sauce behind her team’s game design direction and the struggles encountered by new entrants into the slot machine manufacturing world.

 1. What inspired the design philosophy behind Velvix’s products, and how does it differentiate Velvix from other competitors?

Our company’s design philosophy is inspired by the fact that the majority of its R&D team is based in Australia. The team understands that there are unique differences between the various gaming markets; and it is this blend of understanding that leads to a design philosophy focused on easy-to-understand yet innovative gameplay, coupled with robust mathematics essential for player retention. The emphasis is on creating captivating and entertaining UI to draw players’ attention, striking a unique balance that sets Velvix apart from competitors in the gaming industry.

2. How do you balance innovation with proven and popular elements in game design, especially in a competitive market?

This is incredibly challenging, both due to the competitiveness of the market and the fact that Velvix is a newcomer to the manufacturing scene. I believe we have learned from experience the importance of establishing trust with operators and players, leading to a shift towards a more balanced approach in recent games. While incorporating innovative features, it is integral that we also integrate proven mechanics that resonate with players. Our group is aiming to improve UI in 2024 to enhance the overall player experience and excitement about upcoming game releases for the year – that will be visible at both IGA and G2E this year.

3. Are there specific gameplay mechanics or features that your team is particularly proud of, setting your games apart from others in the industry?

Our game design team takes pride in integrating community features into premium link titles with examples including BaoBao King and Shimmy For The Money. We want those features to foster a sense of community among players. These features enable connection and engagement even across separate machines, such as players within the same bank joining a shared battle feature in BaoBao King, spinning a wheel for a chance to win up to 100x their bet. These unique gameplay mechanics set Velvix’s games apart from others in the industry, emphasizing player interaction and engagement.

4. How does Velvix approach incorporating player feedback into the game design process, and how does it influence the final product?

Velvix places a high priority on player feedback in the game design process, valuing insights from both players and and our casino operating partners. I personally spend time on the road with our sales team to conduct routine on-site visits to observe player interactions and gain insights into emerging trends and preferences. Additionally, social media platforms serve as effective channels for collecting player feedback and fine-tuning game designs. Velvix’s team is small but nimble – it allows us to integrate feedback quickly, meaning our partners can expect to see constant enhancements based on their own feedback.

5. Can you share insights into the player experience you aim to deliver with your games? How do you ensure that your games are engaging, entertaining, and keep players coming back for more?

Our goal is simple: we want to deliver a player experience that is simple yet engaging, with a clean storyline that resonates with players. We prioritize avoiding complex game rules and ensure that players understand gameplay objectives without extensive explanations. Every animation and UI element is designed to align seamlessly with gameplay expectations, offering multiple experiences within each game session through various random events to keep players engaged. This focus on simplicity and engagement ensures that players find the games enjoyable and encourages them to come back for more.

Want to know more? Connect with Fiona on LinkedIn and be sure to visit the Velvix website here: Visit the entire Velvix team at IGA 2024 in Anaheim at Booth #1220.