Cleaning Products and Protocols for Casinos & Hotels

Sponsored post by Prospera Health & Hospitality Services

Chris Faria, Tribal Gaming & Hospitality Magazine, and Kevin Kilkeary, Prospera Health & Hospitality discuss the physical journey each guest takes at a property and how their team can help every step of the way. 

By Kevin Kilkeary, President, Prospera Health & Hospitality Services

Prospera Health & Hospitality is a new hospitality services brand, born from an established hotel management company with strong ties to the medical equipment industry. They are helping hotels, restaurants and casinos attract guests and improve health and safety protocols in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

If your casino and hotel could benefit from …

  • Effective cleaning solutions that don’t disrupt the guest experience
  • Products that help guests feel more comfortable, confident and healthier
  • Staff training that improves overall health, safety and guest experience
  • Cost-effective cleaning and bedding products designed specific for hospitality brands

… then contact Kevin at Prospera Health & Hospitality today.

How does PHHS help casinos and hotels?

We understand the difficulties hospitality brands have faced during the pandemic, including increased cost for cleaning and sanitation products, new training for staff, concerns about health and wellness and, of course, a decline in guests. PHHS was formed to tackle those needs directly, helping casinos and hotels stay open – and even thrive – in the pandemic and post-pandemic climate. PHHS provides:

  • A comprehensive product line of medical-grade devices that do not sacrifice style or comfort, including UV cleaning devices, antiviral bedding, air purification devices, and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Custom solutions through detailed consultations from experienced hospitality and medical professionals. We believe health and safety measures can be seamless, welcoming, and a vital part of the guest experience.

Reach out to founder Kevin Kilkeary at or call 412-265-6744. We can walk you through the processes and products needed to improve your guest experience and reach CDC-recommended levels of cleanliness and sanitation.

We’re a nimble, boutique business working to help properties like yours succeed. Call Prospera Health & Hospitality today 412-265-6744.