The Lost and Found Challenge

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With over 50 million items left behind annually in hotels and casinos, processing, managing, tracking, and returning them is not only a time-consuming and costly endeavor but can also impact the guest experience. Travel rebounding at a rapid pace along with the persistent labor crunch still impacting the hospitality and gaming industries means an increase in found items to manage with limited bandwidth. There are multiple stakeholders impacted by lost and found, including the employees on duty and the anxiety-ridden customers who want their items found and returned in a timely manner.

BOUNTE Benefits

Built around a unique combination of artificial intelligence, highly complex algorithms, mobile, and cloud-based technologies, BOUNTE streamlines and automates lost and found management from beginning to end. BOUNTE removes the pain and frustration of processing lost and found for staff while providing an efficient, economical, and secure experience for the guest with:

Little to no data entry.
Logging found items into a centralized repository is as easy as snapping a photo. BOUNTE automatically recognizes the item(s) in the photo and assigns keywords and item details.

Data security assurance.
Sensitive information contained on documents such as IDs, credit cards, passports, etc. is automatically masked and secured upon login. Payment for the return of lost items is done through a PCI-compliant payment interface.

Pro-active staff and guest notifications.
BOUNTE’s email and SMS text messaging tool keep staff and guests informed in real-time of new items found, lost item claims submitted, and status updates.

Eco-friendly item disposition solutions.
Unclaimed items can be managed using BOUNTE’s reporting and management tools, and through a partnership with Green Flag Recycling. For more details about how BOUNTE and Green Flag support eco-friendly item disposition, click here.

Frictionless lost item reporting and recovery.
BOUNTE simplifies in-person lost item logging for the staff directly in the BOUNTE mobile app. BOUNTE’s advanced ClaimFlow API and QR code innovations enables integration with modern communication technologies such as 3rd-party texting platforms. The result is a modern guest experience that is seamless and responsive.

Integration Ready Technology.
BOUNTE’s advanced technology was developed with integration in mind.  Through an innovative combination of APIs and cloud technologies, the option to connect BOUNTE to 3rd party providers, property management systems (PMS) and modern communication platforms is quick, reliable, and seamless.

“BOUNTE has cut down on not only guest frustration, but it’s also made it easier for our associates to do their job. BOUNTE also makes it easier for our guests from start to finish. To say that it’s helped us streamline our lost and found process is an understatement … It’s truly great!”  

– Director of Rooms, Hotel Paso del Norte


#1 BOUNTE reduces operational costs.
A streamlined approach to lost and found management combined with BOUNTE’s unique revenue-sharing model produces thousands in annual net value, resulting in a healthier bottom line. As compared to manual tracking methods or other software providers requiring data entry and other labor-intensive tasks, BOUNTE’s mobile and web apps reduce the time it takes to process lost and found by 75%.

For a custom lost and found analysis using BOUNTE’s proprietary lost and found calculator, email

#2 BOUNTE elevates guest service and satisfaction.
Technology offerings to solve everyday problems are becoming increasingly important for the modern traveler. Lost and found can leave a lasting impression on your guests and can ultimately influence the guest experience for better or worse. Since it only takes a click of a button to post a review for the world to see, getting it right is paramount.

BOUTE is easy to configure, simple to learn, and offers a 30-day free trial.

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