TG&H On Air – Kasher Lighter Tool

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1) What is a Kasher?

A Kasher is a patented multi-use lighter tool with uses ranging from a cigar punch & pipe tool, to a box cutter, mini flathead screwdriver and much more! We’ve sold over 1 million Kashers to date all over the world and have an extremely loyal customer retention and reorder rate – once people get used to having a Kasher, they can’t go without!

2) How do Kashers fit into the gaming and hospitality industry?

Put your brand in your customers pocket! Kasher can be customized by laser engraving your logo providing a powerful word-of-mouth marketing tool. They can be sold out of casino stores and even act as VIP gift items, event invites, membership programs, etc. They stand out from any other promo item for three main reasons:

  • People carry them in their pocket or purse and use them daily.
  • People want to and are eager to show them to their friends – they are literally a conversation piece. Get your logo laser engraved on Kashers and watch the word-of-mouth magic begin!
  • Kashers last for years providing lasting ROI on your marketing spend – they continue to generate word-of-mouth marketing for years after your purchase.

3) How can we get Kashers into our establishment?

For easy ordering, you can order custom Kashers online here. Or, simply give us a call at 208-310-9987 or email us at All we need to get started is your logo and a deposit. We will provide digital mockups for your approval, and will finalize the artwork and other details from there.

4) Can we get a physical sample?

Absolutely! Simply contact us and we will be happy to ship you samples to go over with your marketing and purchasing teams.

You can find out more info by visiting our website at or simply fill out our wholesale registration form and we will reach out to you!


Thank you,

The Kasher Team