eConnect Featuring Data-Driven Facial Recognition

How is data-driven facial recognition bringing success to casino operators across the country? Find out in this exclusive interview with Henry Valentino, President & CEO, eConnect, Inc. and Chris Faria, Executive Editor, Tribal Gaming & Hospitality Magazine.

Casino security and surveillance is changing. Technology is taking the lead, allowing security personnel to focus on the security operations measures that matter most. Automation spots suspicious activities 99.8% better than the human eye.

eConnect, a casino security and surveillance software company, helps you do more for your venue by monitoring your entire operation—from the parking lot to the game floor. See it in action for yourself in our interactive graphic.

What Our Customers Have to Say:

“What truly makes eConnect’s implementation of this technology work so well is how it indexes every face so that there’s an immediate wealth of data available to the user.” – Pechanga Resort Casino

Get key insights and ensure positive customer experiences with eConnect’s customizable solution suites:

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