TG&H Interactive Webinar: Remodeling Your Facility – How to Plan and Execute your Renovations for Casino-Resort Owners and/or Construction Department Managers of any Tribal-owned Facility

Sponsored Content by Tutor Perini

In this webinar, Chris Creasey, Director, Tutor Perini Building Corp and Emily Marshall, Principal/Interior Design Director, HBG Design guide viewers through the process of planning and executing their facility renovations/remodels.

Discussion Points:

  • Proper Budgeting
  • What does the renovation/remodel entail? For example, are you converting a portion of your gaming/casino area to a food court?
    • Chris will discuss different types of renovations/remodels and their challenges
  • Procurement and Proper Scheduling
    • Chris will discuss how to manage the procurement of materials and to properly schedule the renovations
  • Hiring Manpower
    • Chris will explain how to gain understanding of the local subcontractor market
  • Determining the Right Renovation/Remodel and Understanding your Clientele
    • Chris will ask the question: Is this the right venue for your clientele? For example, are you planning a steakhouse? Is that a restaurant type your clientele would frequent?