TG&H Interactive Webinar: eConnect – You Don’t Know Who You’re Missing! Understanding How Facial Recognition Software is Critical in Today’s Casinos

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If you have not adopted facial recognition, more people are actually entering your property who should not be (for whatever the reason)! If you want to protect your venue, your employees, your patrons and your bottom line, watch today to find out more about facial recognition and data analytics software.

In this fascinating presentation, find out about the newest technologically advanced features that work in concert with your existing systems and why facial recognition installation is critical for today’s gaming and hospitality venues as they exponentially identify individuals attempting to gain entry to your operation over other methods.

Malcom Rutherford, Executive Vice President of Strategic Operations at eConnect is both an innovator and pioneer in the gaming world and he is well known for creating countermeasures to combat new types of fraud, cheating and scams.