Discover a New Era of Casino Operations Driven By AGI

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As an industry leader, you’re already aware that staying ahead of the curve is the name of the game. With this in mind, we at Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) are thrilled to invite you to our Booth #2440 at the 2023 Global Gaming Expo (G2E), where we will unveil AGI53—the most robust and expansive product launch in company history.

This past year, QCI has expanded its footprint significantly. We’ve deployed solutions at 50 new resorts across 5 countries and now serve 159 casino resorts worldwide, including over 500 locations and more than 90 cruise ships. At G2E, we’re unveiling innovations to our product range (QCI Slots, QCI Host, QCI Marketing, and QCI Enterprise Platform) that are enjoyed by such a wide variety of operators.

AGI53 is not just another product—it’s a game-changing solution. This new version is packed with thousands of new function points and debuts our Power Pack module. This module features interactive, action-enabled dashboards driven by Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) using our Mozart AGI integrated workflow engine. Imagine the power of real-time, intelligent data analysis right at your fingertips, permitting you to create custom reports and even import data.

But that’s not all—we’re also launching groundbreaking features for Event Management within AGI53 that will revolutionize your event planning and customer engagement efforts. With capabilities like advanced waitlist management and real-time visibility through our Total Number of Available Places display, AGI53 assures you that overbooking is a thing of the past. Your hosts and marketers can now allocate specific event spaces effortlessly, raising both your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, we’ll introduce the QCI PURL, a brand-new tool built on the QCI Enterprise Platform that provides your patrons with a seamless, unified gaming experience. Developed in collaboration with the Pala Casino Marketing Team, QCI PURL takes customer engagement to the next level by offering a rich and consistent experience from the restaurant to the hotel to the gaming floor.

Click the link below to schedule a dialogue about AGI53 and our other game-changing solutions at G2E. Our team of industry-experienced experts will be on hand for one-on-one consultations to show you how these new offerings can be customized to your specific needs.

Come share our success and celebrate a transformational year with us at G2E. Together, we can continue setting new benchmarks in the world of casino gaming.

Your Data and Innovation Partner,
The QCI Team