Demystifying Facial Recognition with eConnect’s Mitch Fagundes

Sponsored by eConnect

Tune in to our special Tribal Gaming and Hospitality (TGNH) edition featuring Mitch Fagundes of eConnect. Fagundes, a seasoned expert in the industry, deciphers the key to optimal camera placement for effective facial recognition systems.

Ever wondered if existing surveillance can work in harmony with facial recognition algorithms? Fagundes addresses this very issue, demonstrating that with the correct approach to angles, zoom, and camera placement, one can achieve match rates of over 95 percent.

He highlights common challenges like camera height and lighting, and shares practical solutions for maximizing recognition accuracy. Particularly interesting is a video segment illustrating the critical role of camera angles on recognition outcomes.

This enlightening interview is a must-watch for anyone interested in facial recognition technology. Fagundes’s insights will empower you to optimize your own surveillance infrastructure.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an industry leader. Click on the link below and discover the exciting world of facial recognition with eConnect and the TGNH community. See you at the next TGNH on air!