A Veteran, His Wife and Their Ongoing Service

As I write this, two C-130 military planes lumber loudly over our offices in Reno. It’s not that the pens on my desk roll away or my coffee sloshes out of the mug, but you can’t help to identify the military veterans of the sky as they fly over. Being in the airport’s flightpath, from our conference room window, oftentimes, we’ll also see not one or two, but often three F-18 Hornets (watch the Top Gun: Maverick trailer) make their rounds from the Naval Air Station in Fallon, NV, known for their Top Gun school. Out of a Calvin and Hobbs comic strip, I’ve interrupted numerous meetings to say, “Look, there’s another one and another one” wishing to join the men and women onboard. I’m sure my coworkers wouldn’t be surprised if I put my hand on my heart and started singing, “My country tis of thee” the next time these military jets fly over.

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