Top 5 Slot Machine Feature Trends

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In the realm of casino gaming, manufacturers, both seasoned veterans and innovative newcomers, are revolutionizing the aesthetics, functionality, and overall experience of slot machines. The pursuit of creating the next groundbreaking gaming attraction is the ultimate objective. Over the past few years, following the pandemic era, there has been an unmistakable surge in the drive to enhance gameplay features and other facets that captivate players and pique the interest of casino operators. In this article, we delve into the most recent trends in the casino industry, as observed and reported by the experts at Velvix.

#5 – New and Re-Tried Themes (that work!)

Not too long ago, the mere thought of incorporating devilish imagery into game themes would have been met with skepticism. Slot machines centered around sports teams were considered a gamble themselves. The gaming industry has witnessed numerous ideas that were once dismissed, only to witness their triumphant resurgence in grander forms years down the line. Recent game releases have exemplified this phenomenon, achieving remarkable success. This success can be attributed not only to the captivating themes meticulously crafted by artistic teams but also to the ingenious features and concepts seamlessly woven into the gameplay. This leads us to the fourth entry on our list of industry highlights…

#4 – Random Bonus Features

Incorporating spontaneous bonus features that unpredictably emerge during standard gameplay has become a beloved trend in the casino gaming landscape. These unexpected bonuses have garnered an enthusiastic response from players who visibly revel in their appearance. Furthermore, the inclusion of anticipation animations and hidden surprises serves to extend gameplay, heightening players’ sense of progression with each exciting anticipation element encountered while playing.

#3 – Community Features

Players going to head to head for credits. Players collaborating for credits. Basically, anything that integrates game play amongst two more machines and gets players talking has become a new normal for game play. These community features help engage players and build excitement at full machine banks. Some of the more simplified features simply pit players against each other in a guaranteed credit win for everyone involved, where more complicated versions of these games have gone as far as to integrate RPG-style environments, where players work together towards a common goal whereby everyone has a chance to benefit and win.

#2 – Persistence Features

One of the more popular current features on the list, it seems like this feature only continues to gain traction at each gaming show debut. These features include games with both true and perceived, with perceived persistence being one of the more trendy focus points for new game development. This feature offers players the illusion that they are collecting something and getting closer to a big win. We see this with everything from pigs to goldfish to firecrackers – all exciting the player and keeping them seated and playing longer to chase the feature.

What is the number one trend on our list?

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