TG&H Interactive Webinar: The Hidden Data Within Your Surveillance System

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Join us for this enlightening webinar, “The Hidden Data Within Your Surveillance System,” that took place on June 11th at 10 AM PST, hosted by Chris Faria of Tribal Gaming & Hospitality. Dive into the untapped potential of your surveillance system data with industry veterans Henry Valentino and Malcolm Rutherford.

In this session, we explored how advanced facial recognition technologies can revolutionize visitor analytics. Learned about innovative methods to distinguish between new and returning visitors, accurately count total visitor numbers, monitor visit durations, and pinpoint peak times. Additionally, we’ll discuss how integrating player loyalty information can provide a richer understanding of guest engagement.

This interactive webinar invites you to discover practical insights into:

— Extracting and analyzing robust data from surveillance systems.
— Employing facial recognition for improved security and customer insights.
— Integrating diverse data elements, such as loyalty cards, to enhance visitor profiles.

Watch now to gain actionable strategies to transform your surveillance data into meaningful insights.

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