QCI Unveils Exciting New Features with Version 5.1

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Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) recently unveiled Version 5.1 of the QCI Platform, including 114 new features.  These features include a wide variety of configurable alerts, such as a high-value player inserting a card into a slot machine.

Michael Michaud, General Manager of WinnaVegas Casino Resort, had this to say about Version 5.1.“The new module in the QCI Platform, QCI Subscribe, allows me to build my own reports and then schedule when I want them to appear in my inbox.”

The QCI Platform uses AI algorithms and complex mathematical calculations to crunch the data and present its findings in an easy-to-use format. One client was able to identify 45,000 customer segments based on “all manner” of resort activity. Using this, QCI can suggest marketing offers to all those segments based on data from the client’s existing systems. A different operator might market to only 20 customer segments and QCI provides the data and marketing possibilities to those as well.

“Our job is not to say you should do your marketing like this,” Andrew Cardno, CEO of QCI, said, “Our job is to provide the tooling to allow marketing automation.” 

Another aspect of version 5.1 is what Cardno calls “an exercise in data fanaticism.” QCI recently built a simulated casino that is virtually indistinguishable from actual casino operations. The simulated casino is based on the activities of 500,000 players and 12,000 gaming devices across three casinos and two hotels.

In the simulated casino, simulated players insert cards into simulated machines, check into a simulated hotel, and redeem simulated comps and free play.  Hosts get alerts and interact with their simulated customers, while marketing emails are sent out and average daily theoretical win is calculated dynamically. Some clients have even used this simulated casino to train executives on QCI products before they could be installed at their facilities.

Make sure to stop by QCI’s booth (#2046) at October’s Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas to learn more about the latest  technology available now!

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