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When we talk to industry operators, the common discussion is around the volatility of the market. This volatility changes everything. Is a good month a marketing success? Is a bad month a market failure? How do you adapt to this new market and how do you change?

At Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI), we understand the challenges that the current landscape of the casino resort industry presents. Unpredictable market conditions, fluctuating response rates, and occasional market softness are making it difficult for operators to forecast and plan effectively. Traditional methods relying on stable historical data are no longer sufficient.

We thank Raving for allowing us to continue to be the title sponsor of the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference in Reno. This show is a bringing together of wonderful creative people and we would like to hear your stories of what you are experiencing in the marketplace.

We can share with you how we have had to adapt and change to handle what seems to be the new normal—that is everything is unpredictable and everything keeps changing.

QCI Solutions for a Changing Market

Here’s how the QCI Enterprise Platform can help:

  • Dynamic Data Analysis: Move beyond the three-month historical data model. Our platform enables you to analyze shorter, more relevant time frames to gain accurate insights and make informed decisions.
  • Comprehensive Customer Data Platforms: Broaden your data horizons to include all business touchpoints, from the sportsbook to gas stations, ensuring a holistic view of your operations.
  • One-to-One Marketing: Transition from bucket-based segmentation to personalized marketing strategies, allowing you to react in real-time to individual customer behaviors and preferences.

Innovations That Empower

QCI is committed to driving innovation and creativity in the tribal gaming industry. Our latest version, AGI54, is designed to protect tribal data sovereignty while offering new capabilities, including:

  • New Mobile Platforms: Access your data on-the-go, ensuring you’re always informed and in control.
  • Advanced Visualization Techniques: See your data like never before, with insights that drive decision-making.
  • Cutting-Edge AI Algorithms: Stay ahead with predictive analytics that anticipate trends and player behavior.
  • Enhanced Data Collaboration: Share insights seamlessly within your organization, fostering a culture of knowledge and growth.
  • Digital Communication Tools: Engage with your audience through state-of-the-art platforms, enhancing your reach and impact.

Join Us for a QCI Demo at the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference in Reno from July 16-18th

We invite you to come see our team at the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference in Reno from July 16-18th for a demo and discussion around how the QCI Enterprise Platform can help your organization meet its business goals and address challenges it is facing.

In our dedication to focusing on continuous improvement in product and services for the entire industry, QCI has made an 8-figure development investment in the AGI series, including over 200 new features in version AGI54 of the QCI Enterprise Platform.

We look forward to demonstrating why our market leadership position—serving over 8000 users in over 500 sites, ranging from properties with 30 machines to 7500 machines from companies with one casino resort to 22 casino resorts—is reinforced by our dedication to product innovation.

Click the link below to schedule an online demo, or email Hanna McCall ( to book your time during the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference.


While you’re at CMTC, we encourage you to see Andrew Cardno, QCI CTO and Co-Founder, present “Marketing in Unpredictable Times: Strategies for Casino Marketers,” covering:

  • New mathematical models for understanding customer behavior.
  • The importance of events and their impact on business.
  • How to measure the success of your marketing programs in a volatile market.

Stay Connected

For more information about QCI and our innovative solutions, or to book a meeting with our team, contact us directly:

Contact: Hanna McCall

In these unpredictable times, QCI is your committed partner in navigating the complexities of the gaming and hospitality industry. Let’s work together to turn challenges into opportunities.

Warm regards,

The QCI Team