Forget Everything You’ve Ever Known About Robots: The Revolutionary Solution for Casinos

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Like everyone else, the casino industry has faced an avalanche of unexpected challenges. Supply disruption and staffing shortages are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. While some businesses are willing to miss opportunities for growth, forward-thinking casino owners are seizing the opportunity to incorporate a revolutionary solution to address their current challenges.

The solution -  Pringle Robotics.

Pringle Robotics Trusted Next-Generation Robots for Modern Environments

Pringle Robotics was initially developed to provide autonomous and meticulous cleaning, food delivery, and safety standards in a restaurant setting. Realizing the significance of the robot's role in the hospitality space, Pringle Robotics has leveraged its advanced precision technology to deploy intuitive, results-driven robotics solutions to address even more issues in other industries.

Casino owners are in the unique position of operating not only casinos, but also restaurants and hotels.

Robots help meet the following needs:

Delivery of food and beverage-Keeps customers satisfied without leaving their chairs

Floor cleaning and disinfection-Maintains a tidy and sanitary environment

Integration with casino player loyalty software and systems-Allows robots to utilize elevators and other existing platforms

Robots not only address staffing shortages and management of menial tasks, but also integrate with casino point of sale and player loyalty programs.

After all, who wouldn't love to have a robot at your beck and call?

Technology that Helps Your Workforce Do What It Does Best

The goal isn't to replace your human workforce. Robots can simply help your existing staff focus on what matters most: Customer Care.

Pringle Robots are equipped to take on repetitive, menial tasks and free your team to focus on other customer value metrics. The result? A productive workforce and happy customers.

From the casino, restaurant, or hotel, Pringle Robotics has a full suite of robots optimized for every part of your facility.

KettyBoT is a delivery & guiding robot with a dazzling advertising display.

BellaBoT is strong and durable, carrying up to 80 lbs, and utilizing weight sensitive trays.

HolaBoT is equipped with intelligent delivery, high carrying capacity, a paging function, and is designed to fit bus tubs.

W3 Room-Service Delivery BoT has enclosed cabins keeping food secure and integrates passcode and texting functionality.

The advantage of all four? They can be tailored to meet your location's specific needs.

Want to create a clean and safe environment for your guests?

There's a robot for that!

CC1 Cleaning BoT

Commercial-grade 4-in-1 technology sweeps, scrubs, vacuums & mops.

Puductor 2

Uses ultrasonic dry mist disinfection & UV-C disinfection, and 360-degree sterilization to help combat the viruses that cause COVID and RSV.

Incorporating Pringle Robotics is Seamless

Why do casinos love these units? Because they are designed from the ground up to be a client retention, labor saving machine.


Outfitted with visually stunning LED displays with the ability to integrate with existing IT and infrastructure, each robot enhances customer experience and eases workforce load while driving revenue up and costs down.

Pringle Robotics has become a trusted partner for well-established casinos, including:

  • Three Rivers, Florence, OR
  • Silver Reef Casino, Ferndale, WA
  • Chinook Winds Casino, Lincoln City, OR
  • Par-A-Dice Casino, East Peoria, IL

Pringle Robotics is a trusted partner that can offer stability in a season of uncertainty. Many other casinos have already chosen Pringle Robotics as their cutting-edge solution for age-old problems.

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