Support Women and Indigenous Visibility with Mad River Brewery’s Maize Goddess Ale

(May 9, 2023) — Mad River Brewing, an award-winning craft brewery located in Humboldt County, California has announced the release of their newest product: Maize Goddess Indigenous Ale. The light golden cerveza is the first beer to feature a tribally grown ingredient and will soon be hitting store shelves across the state.

Made using regeneratively grown corn from Ioway Farms, an enterprise of the Ioway Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska (ITKN), this light golden cerveza will soon be available across California. This release marks a significant milestone for Mad River Brewery’s goal of developing wholly tribal, farm-to-table products. Purchased by the Yurok Tribe three years ago, the brewery has launched new branding, new products and significant partnerships that continue their legacy of raising awareness for social and environmental issues. The Yurok Tribe owned brewery developed the new beer style to maximize visibility and stay true to their core as an Indigenous brand.

“This is the first step towards our goal to develop wholly tribal, farm-to-table products,” said Linda Cooley, Yurok Tribal member, and Mad River Brewery CEO. “Starting with one ingredient is a benchmark, and we are excited to build on this and invite other tribal partners to work on collaborative projects that strengthen economics and support sovereignty.” The brewery announced their partnership with ITKN in 2022 with plans to extend craft beer production and distribution to the Midwest, shedding light on the benefits of inter-tribal commerce.

“It is with great honor to say that we have built a strong long-lasting relationship with MRB and the Yuroks. This relationship consists with trust and confidence that the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, Grey Snow Management Solutions and Ioway Farms LLC will be strengthening inter-tribal trade, economic development, and workforce development opportunities for each other and for other tribal nations as well.” said Timothy Rhodd, Chairman of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska. “Together we can accomplish anything, and it is from that direction we will move forward! True north!”

Maize Goddess celebrates Indigenous cultures around the world while paying tribute to women’s strength, power, and resilience as leaders and life-givers. It is a refreshing ale that appeals not only to craft beer enthusiasts but also those who appreciate socially conscious brands.

“The message behind Maize Goddess is a refreshing contrast to typical objectification and marketing that surrounds women in the craft beer world,” added Jessica Carenco, Mad River Brewery Marketing Director. “It’s a twofold message about revering women while contributing towards Indigenous visibility as a women-led tribally owned business.”

Mad River Brewery has built its brand on exceptional artisanship coupled with eco-conscious practices and production methods and has gained recent recognition in their effort to make change in professional sports. In 2022 the tribally owned brewery celebrated a historic partnership with Major League Baseball team San Francisco Giants—marking the first ever tribal brewery partnership in major league sports. Featured in a home-run lineup, Maize Goddess will be one of four products from Mad River Brewery available in Oracle Park, as well as the premiere beer featured at Arcata Main Street’s Arcata Bay Oyster Festival, especially named for the event, “Shuck It.”

About Mad River Brewing

Mad River Brewing, an Independent Craft Brewery located in Humboldt County, California has been brewing best-quality beers for more than three decades. Mad River Brewery employs a time-honored, cut-no-corners approach to hand-crafting the finest quality ales, receiving four Gold Medals, four Silver Medals and one Bronze Medal from the Great American Beer Festival, which offers the most prestigious awards in the industry. Paving the way for a new Native American category in craft beer, the Tribal Brewery, owned by the Yurok Tribe, has introduced new products that promote the decades-long fight for environmental restoration and justice. Mad River Brewing is committed to producing the best-quality beverages on the planet and continues to employ the most holistic brewing methods to craft products that are in a league of their own.