Passing of Redding Rancheria Treasurer, Hope Wilks

(June 10, 2024) — Hope Wilkes, beloved Redding Rancheria Tribal Council Member, passed away on Thursday, June 6, 2024. She began serving on the Redding Rancheria Tribal Council in 1992 and has passionately fought for the best interest of Redding Rancheria Tribal Members for 32 years—the longest serving Councilperson for Redding Rancheria.

In addition to serving on Tribal Council, she embraced several different roles and responsibilities at Redding Rancheria, each of which highlighted her dedication, adaptability, and exceptional skill. She was originally hired in October of 1990 through the California Indian Manpower Consortium (CIMC) before transitioning to a typist/clerk with the Redding Rancheria in 1991. The following year, she was promoted to the role of Executive Secretary. While in this position, she served under and worked closely with the Redding Rancheria’s first CEO. In 1997, she assumed her first management position as Tribal Enrollment Government Officer and Custodian of Records Director. Here she continued to play a crucial role in shaping the success of our government operations. In 2005, Hope became the Sr. Director of Program services, where she spent the remainder of her career. Redding Rancheria is grateful for the 33 years she spent working and making a difference for her Tribe.

She dedicated so much of her life helping Redding Rancheria Tribal Members make a better life for themselves. She was understanding of everyone’s situation and had a unique and thoughtful perspective, always believing that everyone deserved to be treated equally and with respect. She brought her wisdom and compassion for others to every Tribal Council meeting. These values shone through in everything she did. Hope will always be remembered and appreciated for everything she gave to her Tribe. Redding Rancheria is better off because of Hope’s dedication and passion for her Tribe.

Her daughter, Nicole Wilkes, and brother, Jack Potter Jr, serve on Tribal Council and continue her legacy and passion in representing Redding Rancheria Tribal Members.