Oneida Indian Nation to Participate in Opening Ceremonies of the First-Ever Germany Lacrosse Convention in Dresden

Oneida Indian Nation Homelands (May 17, 2022) – Oneida Indian Nation Members are travelling to Dresden, Germany to participate in the 2022 Germany Lacrosse Convention – the biggest lacrosse event in Europe. The event takes place at the JOYNEXT Arena and the Sportspark Ostra from May 20 – 22.

In an effort to grow the game globally, the Germany Lacrosse Convention brings together lacrosse players from all over the world, including America’s First Nations that created the game. Oneida Indian Nation Member Ron Patterson, a former lacrosse player and coach, will participate in an opening ceremony on May 20th and present Dresden’s mayor, Dirk Hilbert, with an original, hand-carved lacrosse stick to commemorate the friendship and partnership between the Oneida Indian Nation and the nation of Germany.

“This partnership with the German Lacrosse Association to develop a three-day convention is a wonderful opportunity to shine a light on the growth and popularity of the game of lacrosse – the Creator’s game,” Oneida Indian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter said. “As the originators of the sport, the Haudenosaunee people take great pride in its development and preservation for all future generations. We are honored to be asked to participate in this groundbreaking event.”

In addition to several exhibition games, there will be clinics, demonstrations and presentations made throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday in and around the event’s grounds. Patterson will discuss the history and tradition of lacrosse, the differences in the modern game to the game developed by the Haudenosaunee, and its importance to the Haudenosaunee people.

Patterson will also hold a demonstration detailing the process of making a traditional lacrosse stick. With decades of experience in lacrosse stick making, Ron is a skilled craftsman with a unique expertise and ability to explain the lengthy process that goes into the process – from selection of the proper tree to shaping and stringing the stick.

The Lacrosse Nations Cups – with divisions in box lacrosse, men’s sixes and women’s sixes – will also be decided in a tournament-style event. This six-on-six format is being considered for Olympic competition. The Nation Cups, and other selected parts of the convention’s program, will be available via free international live streaming all over the world. Details about the platform will be available soon.

For more information on the 2022 Germany Lacrosse Convention, click HERE.