KlasRobinson Q.E.D., Inc. releases the updated “Healing Tribal Economies” white paper

February 18, 2021 – KlasRobinson Q.E.D. is pleased to present the accompanying update of our June white paper and September update entitled: “Healing Tribal Economies – Updated Prognosis for Economic Recovery from COVID-19 in Indian Country.” With the passage of eight months since our original report and a full year since the pandemic first hit the U.S., we have much more information on the behavior of the disease itself and of the government officials, business leaders and general population in response.

The pandemic is not over. In fact, it may yet spike again due to mutations in the virus and the time necessary to vaccinate a sufficient number of people to finally constrain it. The toll had been horrific and the time to fully recover economically and psychologically will be significant. Nevertheless, a practical end to the crisis atmosphere and worst restrictions is in sight. As a result, we expect this to be the last update of our prognosis and prescriptions to be required.

To download the report click here: http://www.klasrobinsonqed.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/KlasRobinson-QED-COVID-19-white-paper-update-2021-02.pdf

Our hope continues to be that this work will provide tribes with more than simply another set of predictions, but also the analytical discussion to be able to draw their own conclusions in developing plans for their people and adjust those plans over time as new data becomes available.

To do this, we have taken our more than 30 years of experience forecasting future outcomes for more than 250 tribes and applied it to this very troubling situation to give our best estimates and recommendations for tribal economic recovery from COVID-19. One thing we still know for sure: as bad as this is, tribal leaders have weathered far more severe storms throughout history and will survive the current crisis to continue to protect their cultures and their people. Indeed, their efforts thus far have been both heroic and effective.”

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