ACTIVBonding Introduces a New Business Assessment Survey

GAITHERSBURG – March 10, 2021 – We are thrilled and excited to announce the launching of the ACTIVBonding Business Assessment tool. This new tool will help clients to quickly identify and implement those business best practices necessary to successfully navigate the rapid growth that should occur as a result of attaining certification within the ACTIVBonding program.

This self-guided tool will help clients to review major areas of best practices common to successful Small Business Construction Contractors. The assessment includes all areas of certification needed to qualify for the ACTIVBonding program and, when taken honestly with recommendations implemented, will help them to jumpstart their company’s sustainable growth.

After taking the assessment, clients will review their findings to identify their strengths and to pinpoint any potential weaknesses. We will then schedule meetings to discuss the findings and to offer recommendations and resources.

We’re excited to be embarking upon this new chapter in the life of ACTIVBonding.

Start Your Assessment

A subsidiary of Bold Concepts®, ACTIVBonding® provides enhanced bonding services for small business construction general contractors. Leveraging our industry expertise, we help clients develop custom roadmaps to accelerate their future bonding capacity and validate their current business to surety, banking and industry players.