Slot Winning become Slot #Twinning with Konami Personality Quiz


Las Vegas, NV — February 9th, 2021 — Slot game developer Konami Gaming, Inc. has launched an online personality quiz to help casinos and players find out which new game is their slot-doppelgänger.

The online quiz located here lets you choose from a series of pictures, and reveals your slot game personality twin based on your responses.

“We wanted to share something fun for casino players and operators to do online,” said Tashina Wortham, marketing communications manager at Konami Gaming, Inc. Her slot game twin is Quick Strike Extreme Link. “Although it is not entirely scientific, the pictures will make you smile, and every result gives special encouragement.”

The games featured in Konami’s “Which new game are you?” quiz are original series coming out now on the DIMENSION 49 machine with 49-inch, 4K Ultra-High Definition portrait display. It is a flat-screen version of the premium DIMENSION 49J machine, with its own pipeline of original Konami entertainment.

“The quiz gives a unique way to explore the new games our Konami developers have been working on,” said Wortham. “Every new slot series on the quiz—from Guardians to Xiang Long Ju—is created with its own distinct rhythm, style, math, and mechanics. Many great games to look for.”

Near the end of the quiz, participants have the option to enter to win a VIP prize pack with Konami gifts and items sent to their door. The results page also gives the option to share your slot-doppelgänger on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Konami says casinos are also welcome to use the slot twin quiz for marketing purposes.

“Casinos are free to share this Konami personality quiz with their players—whether on social media, email marketing, or website,” Wortham said. “Use the same link and give your players something fun to stay connected.”

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