Rolling Hills Casino & Resort Increases the Excitement with Digital Signage Solutions from JCM Global

LAS VEGAS (March 7, 2022) – Whether you’re ready for some football, baseball, soccer, hockey, or basketball, new Digital Signage Solutions from JCM Global® (JCM) make the fun and excitement at Rolling Hills Casino & Resort even more vibrant.

JCM installed a 1.9mm DSS MAX-R™ 11.6’ x 6.6’ seamless digital display in the casino’s Rock & Brews Restaurant, where guests can enjoy live sports action along with casino-generated promotional content. It is the largest seamless interior display in the region.

At the center bar, JCM installed a 1.2mm 10.5’ x 5.9’ VB DIAMOND™ display to broadcast live sporting events for guests to cheer on their favorite teams.

MAX-R is a modular digital signage solution featuring 20” x 20” panels that can be joined together and scaled to virtually any space. VB Diamond features awe-inspiring mini and micro-LED technology resolutions (4k and 8k). With both technologies, viewers enjoy brilliant color fidelity with unsurpassed color uniformity that go beyond UltraHD.

“JCM’s video products have enhanced the viewing experience for our guests,” said Rolling Hills Casino and Resort General Manager Steve Neely. “They have helped reinforce that our venues are the destination for guests to follow their favorite teams.”

“JCM’s MAX-R and VB Diamond Digital Signage Solutions are a flexible way for casinos of all sizes to transform practically any space into an entertaining experience. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination,” JCM SVP of Sales, Marketing & Operations Dave Kubajak. “We are excited to partner with Rolling Hills Casino & Resort to create the region’s largest seamless interior display. Their restaurant and sports bar are perfect places to watch the game and play the casino’s Million Dollar Pro Football Frenzy.”

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