Raving Launches Long Awaited Player Development Dashboards

Reno, NV – Native-owned gaming and hospitality firm Raving, just launched the first of several dashboards to the gaming industry.

The first version of Ravingdashboards is designed for Player Development hosts and managers and offers a wealth of information – for many not before available or accessible – in an intuitive and easy to use program. Key components include:

  • Customized solution offering managers and hosts insights into performance and to track success
  • Trend Analysis (TRIPS, ADT, THEO)
  • Host Quotas and Performance in real time
  • Player Categorization and Prioritization
  • Player Detail and Stats in one location
  • Player Investment Analysis

Clients have trusted Raving and know the company for revolutionizing the gaming approach to modern player development. This is their next step to provide hosts the right tools, at an affordable price, that will help their hosts move the bar.  Gone are the piles of spreadsheets and highlighters and requests to already-swamped analysts with data that is already old. Ravingdashboards also works with the casino’s CRM system.

What makes it a sure-bet from the users perspective:

  • Customized for each property
  • Easy to track individual goals
  • Managers can track their teams progress
  • Makes calling the right person with the right offer easy

Raving’s CEO, Deana Scott added, “Our new dashboard doesn’t require clients to purchase new software or technology. We use what they have so they can move away from hours of compiling data, to actually making operational decisions that drive business. This is our next step to give hosts the right tools. And, we’re just starting with player development, we have the ability to customize dashboards to fit your needs.

To view a short demo, click here https://betravingknows.com/raving-dashboards/

Or contact Amy Hergenrother, 775-329-7864 or amy@betravingknows.com.

To find out more about Raving’s Programs and Services or about this press release, please contact Christine Faria, VP Marketing, Raving, 775-329-7864, chris@betravingknows.com.

About Raving

Raving is a full-service, Native-owned, casino and hospitality company that has worked with clients globally since 1998. The company partners with Tribal casinos and gaming companies worldwide to strategically improve overall operations and profitability. Additionally, Raving produces numerous educational publications and conferences including Tribal Gaming and Hospitality Magazine and Raving NEXT: Indian Gaming Analytics & Marketing Conference.