JCM Global Brings Leading Technologies to OIGA 2023

Operators can create a customized technology roadmap in booth #518

LAS VEGAS (August 1, 2023) – JCM Global® (JCM) is bringing industry-leading technologies to OIGA 2023. In booth 518, JCM will show a wide range of solutions that enhance the guest experience, increase efficiencies, and boost security, all so that tribal operators of every size are empowered to create and successfully execute a customized technology roadmap that supports their needs both today and in the future.

“We are honored and humbled that more than 90 percent of North American tribal and first nation casinos trust solutions from JCM. At OIGA 2023, we reaffirm our commitment to our partners across Oklahoma,” said JCM SVP of Sales, Marketing & Operations Dave Kubajak.

JCM’s technology roadmap includes its core product solutions such as the iVIZION® and UBA® Pro bill validators and GEN5® Thermal Printer. JCM’s leading bill validators and printers have been proven to increase security, accountability, and player convenience with exclusive, patented technologies.

JCM’s systems technologies like FUZION® and ICB® Intelligent Cash Box system help tribal casinos take their operations to the next level. JCM’s patented FUZION technology includes advanced features like cashless transactions with Mobile I/O™ and PNA® devices. With ICB, casinos evolve their cash and asset management to improve both the drop and count process.

Casinos can enhance the customer experience with JCM’s behavioral-based rewards solutions PromoNet® and CouponXpress™, which enable operators to instantly extend promotional offers to carded and uncarded players. Lastly, JCM’s BlueWave DX makes firmware upgrades smooth, fast, and efficient.

Discover JCM’s leading technology in OIGA booth 518, and join JCM on LinkedInFacebook, and YouTube.

About JCM Global

JCM Global is a world leader in transaction and payment technologies. From its global network of offices, the company provides award-winning solutions such as bill validators, note recyclers, printers, systems solutions, and more. Since 1955, its spirit of innovation has resulted in ground-breaking products and components have earned multiple patents and set worldwide standards. JCM is trusted by operators and suppliers in the banking, gaming, kiosk, retail, transportation, and vending industries. Please visit www.jcmglobal.com for more information.