Innovative Table Games Targets Internet Market

Innovative Table Games Releases New Game Apps

Innovative Table Games CEO Paul T. Harry has announced the release of SUPER EASY ACES and PAIRS & UP POKER, two new casino game apps for Google and Apple. The games, originally designed for brick and mortar casinos, have been expanded to take advantage of the surging casino e-market. Certified by Gaming Laboratories International, the games offer players a true online gaming experience while showcasing a totally new game playing format.

“In the last hundred years, no one has come up with a new card game that works,” notes Harry. “Most everything today is a derivative of an old game or an add-on to an existing game. There’s nothing new being offered.” In an effort to offer something truly unique for gamblers, Harry and his company have created something truly novel–two simple games that offer players a new way to gamble. “People are tired of old games. They want something new and fun, but nothing too complicated or intimidating and that’s where our apps come in. They give people a chance to familiarize themselves with our games before they step up to a table and wager their money.”

Super Easy Aces and Pairs & Up Poker are games based on a new 52 card playing deck. The deck is comprised of 25 Aces, 12 twos, 8 threes, and 7 fours, but retain the same number of suits used in a regular deck–thirteen of each–hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades.

Super Easy Aces is the ultimate one card guess game. It combines the speed of War® with multiple betting options and odds like Roulette and Craps. The game is exceedingly easy to learn and play and there are bonuses as well as a side bet. With four main bets, players are given a number of betting choices as they try to guess which card they are going to be dealt–it’s that easy!

Pairs & Up Poker is a truly unique four card poker game where the player and dealer each receive two cards. Similar in style to blackjack, the dealer reveals one card giving the player knowledge of three cards and a potential poker hand. From there, the player must decide whether to fold or bet one of the eight poker hands posted on the layout. Hands include 2 pair, 3 of a kind, a straight, a flush or four other possible poker hands. To win, the player must bet the exact winning hand. The game also features a side bet and a progressive bonus.

“Apps are the key!” says Harry. “Players can play our games on their phones and learn at their leisure. They’re free, contain no ads, and we ask for no personal information. It’s the ideal way to build a player base for us and the casino.”

Super Easy Aces and Pairs & Up Poker are available for immediate download on the Apple and Google play stores.