Incredible Technologies to Debut Prism Element Cabinet, Proven Software

Company Announces Refined Focus and Internal Changes

Vernon Hills, IL (September 25, 2023) – Incredible Technologies (IT) is Focused on the Win. After a year of transformation, IT enters the 2023 Global Gaming Expo with an intentional focus on what matters to both its customers and its team.

IT has been creating games since 1985 with pride in producing the very best products. From the company’s founding days in the coin-operated amusement industry and its breakout hit, Golden Tee® Golf, IT’s passion and experience have guided the casino gaming division and its subsequent success.

The company’s storied history is the foundation for the team’s revived focus on what matters – the Win. The win for operators, the players’ win experience, and the win for the staff of Incredible Technologies are what is motivating the Chicagoland-based company. This means great games that answer market needs and maximize ROI for operators, play sessions that excite players, and the re-introduction of IT as a top gaming developer.

“This company has experienced tremendous change in the last three years,” said President of Gaming Dan Schrementi. “2023 has been all about redirecting our focus and effort on what really matters to our customers, our players, and the well-being of our company. ‘Focused on the Win’ represents our dedication of resources to make the best games for this market.”

In a year of change, IT has identified three critical segments to focus its business on: incredible games, people, and customer service. With newly established processes and development criteria, IT games are consistently climbing performance charts. The company has also made major additions to its staff, including new executive leadership as well as industry expertise on the team. These people best serve IT in its position to service its customers in a better capacity. The company has reinvested in improving its field presence and customer service to underscore its commitment to and industry reputation for the best service.

While transformation is underway at IT headquarters, a nationwide rollout of its new cabinet represents the efforts made to produce games and hardware that meet market and player demand.

Prism Element™, the sophomore cabinet in the Prism product line, offers a sleek and focused silhouette for avid and return players. The 55” 4K video monitor sits above a large 18.5” PrismDeck button panel, flanked by two bash buttons. The simplified silhouette was designed with intention, to allow focus on the game. Element and its theme catalog have been created with avid and return players in mind. With a focused presentation, Element allows the gameplay with trending features for more avid players and a focused presentation to shine.

Development for Prism VXP™ continues with a focus on branded feature banks, with performance of recent titles like Power Push™ landing at the top of performance charts. As the first cabinet to expand during gameplay, VXP makes a splash on any floor.

IT is also heavily invested in its partnerships beyond Class III Gaming. The company continues to grow its footprint throughout central determinate jurisdictions in both Historical Horse Racing and Class II markets. True Pick Roulette™, the first ETG with a physical roulette wheel approved for Class II properties will also be on display.

One of the few additional surprises IT is bringing to G2E this year is a crossover with its amusement division, showcasing its Golden Tee PGA TOUR cabinet in the booth.

“Golden Tee is the game that built Incredible Technologies decades ago,” said Schrementi. “For the first time ever, we’re celebrating that at G2E as more and more casino operators leverage the game for e-sports tournaments and other promotions. We want to show the gaming industry exactly who we are as a company, and Golden Tee is such an important part of that.”

IT will bring its catalog of proven products and debut software to G2E 2023, Booth 4047.