Engaged Nation Releases New Configurations of Multi-Award-Winning Pro Football Frenzy Promotion

Online-to-on-Location Interactive Promotion Allows Businesses to Actively Engage Consumers, Pro Football Fans and Non-Fans Alike

Pro Football FrenzyLAS VEGAS, Nevada (July 17, 2019) – Digital engagement experts Engaged Nation announced the release of two configurations for the highly successful Pro Football Frenzy online-to-on-location interactive promotion. These sports-themed campaigns leverage the professional football season to drive customer acquisition, engagement, and bottom-line revenue. The mobile-first design works seamlessly with a business’ social media, customer loyalty, and overall advertising strategies.

The full-season configuration of Pro Football Frenzy, which features a $1 million insured prize, was honored with a MarTech Breakthrough Award for Best Interactive Content Platform earlier this month. In addition to the 17-week engagement program, the 2019 version can also be utilized as a single-month season kick-off promotion with a $100,000 insured prize. Both configurations can be structured to boost online brand loyalty or drive land-based retail trips through daily online interaction.

Last season when the program debuted, it made an immediate impact for businesses and their customers. For example, the 17-week promotional campaign generated more than 52,000 brick-and-mortar visits from participants and a 20% year-over-year bottom-line revenue increase at a single location. Engaged Nation attributes the promotion’s success to its interactive design that effectively resonates with all customers—pro football fans and non-fans alike. This gamified program, which is legal in all jurisdictions, capitalizes on the public’s increased interest in sports-related content in the wake of the Supreme Court’s 2018 ruling on sports betting.

Jerry Epstein, CEO of Engaged Nation, noted how versatile the patent-pending technology is for businesses of all types. Epstein knows full well how brands can use innovative tools to stay ahead of their competition after spending three decades helming marketing strategies for clients such as Anheuser-Busch, Sony, Honda, and President Ronald Reagan.

“So many marketers and advertisers struggle with effective digital engagement. This scientifically designed program has established itself as a promotion that generates a significant return, from online engagement to highly effective conversion,” said Epstein. “With both one-month and full-season configurations available, any business can now benefit from increased customer engagement and revenue. Pro Football Frenzy is now proven to cut through the digital clutter and provide a fun, exciting consumer experience with a measurable ROI.”

The 2019 configurations will still feature a lineup of engaging activities designed to connect customers with a business’ brand 24/7 and drive a greater share of voice, mind, and wallet. This year, businesses have a new option to include customized home team content to further enhance the connection of the promotion to their local customers. Interested parties can learn more about Pro Football Frenzy and even play one of the platform’s interactive activities at www.EngagedNation.com/dwood.

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