Elk Valley Casino and Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) Extend Partnership With Power Pack and AI

SAN DIEGO, (March 19, 2024) — Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI), a leading enterprise solutions provider, announced an extension of their partnership with Elk Valley Casino. Building on the success of the QCI Enterprise Platform, Elk Valley will now incorporate the QCI Power Pack and its embedded A.I. to elevate guest satisfaction and bolster profitability.

Michael White, Director of Marketing & Player Development for Elk Valley Casino, commented on the expanded relationship, stating, “QCI has been an invaluable tool for our Player Development initiatives. It has empowered our little team to take pointed action and truly use all of our resources, including our own time, to the best of our ability. We have been able to make large strides toward goals that previously seemed unrealistic for a team the size of ours, and with the impending Power Pack rollout, this will only get better.”

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