Catalyst Marketing Agency Creates Smart Work That Counts

Catalyst Marketing Company unveils its new design to reflect the company’s growth to create Smart Work That Counts. Catalyst has enhanced its creative and improved its strategic approach to help solve marketing challenges.

Mark Astone, CEO of Catalyst Marketing Company said, “We’ve spent the past year reinvesting in ourselves, to improve the company internally as well as externally. Creating Smart Work isn’t about making up clever marketing slogans based off ideas jotted down on a napkin; Our creative approach is rooted in strategic solutions and measured results.”

Catalyst knows smart work turns successful brands into loyal customers. Along with stronger creative, Catalyst’s improved strategic process, coined CATALYSIS, is a Four-Step Process that Gather’s Data → Develops Insights → Executes a Plan → Measures the Results.

“Catalyst is about creating a culture of change. We continue to educate ourselves so we can better serve our clients and we do whatever it takes to ensure the success of their campaigns…and have a lot of fun doing it,” says Astone.

About Catalyst:
Headquartered in Fresno, CA, Catalyst is an agency built of Strategists, Creatives, Storytellers, and Entertainers. With over 20 years of experience focused in Indian Gaming, Luxury Resort and Travel & Tourism, Catalyst partners with clients both regionally and nationally to deliver Smart Work That Counts. And Smart Work starts by visiting