AISES On the move to OIGA in Tulsa, OK.

Tulsa, OK (August 8, 2022) – American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES) is gearing up to participate at the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association (OIGA) Tradeshow, August 9-11th, 2022 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’ll be joining Incredible Technology (IT) and Gaming Capitol Group (GCG), to offer an Art Auction, based on IT’s new product, Ultra Rush Gold, featuring the art of Choctaw Nation Master Artist D.G. Smalling

IT’s collaboration with Smalling, marks the first partnership of its kind; utilizing Native art with the artist’s full collaboration. As the first video gaming device to incorporate Native-produced art, the game holds significance to both Smalling, and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

OIGA guests can bid on Eight (8), one-of-a-kind, creative pieces simultaneously, at the IT booth (#408) and the GCG booth (#326) thru Tradeshow Wednesday, (And the GCG Party Wednesday night) and through Thursday, at 12:00 PM, before bids are cut off.

Chief Development Officer, Kellie Jewett-Fernandez commented, “AISES is honored to be offering this auction and to be the beneficiary of the DG Smalling Art Auction funds.

Each dollar received, is a dollar we direct, to supporting the AISES mission, to substantially increase Indigenous representation in the STEM fields. AISES, having a presence @ OIGA show, where we can gather with OK. Nations & gaming technology organizations in attendance, is a natural fit for us.  As a STEM organization, when AISES looks around the OIGA Tradeshow floor, we see that without STEM jobs, games would not be able to be created, the floor would be empty of games and products. The critical need to create the next generation of STEM workers to fill those jobs, is already here. That’s where the power of AISES can be tapped.”

DG Smalling added “The prospect of being in collaboration with AISES kinda boggles my mind; it represents the highest intent and expectations of our Tribal Nations and Indigenous Communities to our Youth.  It is not lost on me that AISES is thoroughly practical in its scientific rooting, but aspirational in its openness to deep impacts in the hearts and minds of our Youth.

We are part of bridging a gap in the Tribal Gaming Industry and Gaming Development; let’s bear in mind that this life-blood industry to Tribal Nations is built on a 50%/50% proposition: 50% Art, to get one in the seat, and 50% Math, to keep one in the seat.

Having mastered Operations, this is a similal moment in our Tribal Gaming Industry when we are moving into a new phase: Content Development.  This plays to the strengths of oral tradition & storytelling, and Art.  We can now expect other Industry/Artist collaborations, from other traditions, and this collaboration between AISES and myself will strive to generate the next talents to lead.”

AISES looks forward to joining OIGA with our partners, Incredible Technology and Gaming Capitol Group and are grateful for the support of these two organizations, who continue to blaze new trails in the Tribal Gaming industry.

Jewett- Fernandez will also be participating on the Diversity & Inclusion in Career Development Panel, joined by DG Smalling, Kendra Wilson-Clements, We The People Consulting, and moderated by AISES Gaming Representative, Jodi DiLascio.

The panel is scheduled, Thursday August 11, 2022, | 9:00 – 10:00 AM

To connect with AISES @ OIGA text Jodi DiLascio@ 949-293-5919 or Shayna Gutierrez @720-232-0438