Relay – Elevate Your Casino Communication

Say Goodbye to Outdated Tech

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Casinos face unique challenges in their daily operations, from managing sprawling floor plans to ensuring high-stakes security. Effective communication is crucial, and it’s time to consider a solution that sets your casino up for long term success.

Why stick with outdated technology when you can revolutionize the way you communicate and stay secure?

Enter Relay— a cutting-edge communication solution designed for modern casino operations.

It’s a “smart” radio that delivers more value at often a fraction of the cost. Don’t believe it? Relay stands out compared to traditional radios with:

  1. Location-Enabled Dispatch: Send the right person to the right place with Relay’s real-time team location information.
  2. Smart Patrols, Tracking/Alerting: Track patrols in real time and receive alerts to visit locations that haven’t been patrolled recently— effortlessly enhancing security.
  3. One Network Investment: Relay utilizes existing cell and WiFi networks, eliminating the need for additional repeaters or maintenance costs.
  4. Staff Safety/Panic Alert: Encrypted panic alert allows swift responses to issues, especially when staff is working alone.
  5. Language Translation: Minimize language barriers, fostering improved communication between staff and guests.

Relay centralizes communication, saves time, saves money, and enhances safety—essential elements for any casino.

Whether you recently invested in radios or it’s been a while, it’s worth exploring Relay and the additional value it offers compared to traditional radios.

So, what are you waiting for?


The Relay Team